waste made beautiful

Our Story

Huskee has its origins in the coffee growing regions of Yunnan, China. Saxon Wright, one of the founders has a specialty coffee roasting business in Sydney, Australia and was invited to work alongside farmers in Yunnan to improve quality and environmental standards. One of the key objectives was to reduce waste and one of the byproducts of processing the coffee beans is husk.

As the idea developed and the team grew, the concept evolved to turn this waste husk into a unique, reusable and sustainable cup that could be used to enjoy your daily coffee (or tea). The coffee region of Yunnan is really unique and beautiful so this cup would also help draw attention to this amazing region of China and bring a new understanding of coffee and the connection back to farmers.

The business is run from Sydney, however all the husk and manufacturing still occurs in China and is now proudly distributed around the world. The product itself is based on our unique and proprietary biopolymer with the cup being reusable, dishwasher safe and suitable for the cafe environment. It makes for the perfect on-the-go cup, keeps your coffee warm and is simple and easy to clean.

Huskee has won the Australian Good Design Award and is proudly displayed in museums and galleries throughout the world for its innovative design and sustainability credentials. The business is a certified B Corp business demonstrating its high social and environmental standards.

Our Vision

The vision of Huskee is to be the globally recognised design house specialising in providing products and systems that lead to a more sustainable planet. We seek to achieve this through sustainable design principles by building scalable ecosystems that seek to reduce waste, encourage the reuse of goods and recycle materials to enable the transition to a waste-free world.

We recognise this vision of having a waste-free world is one that can not be done on our own, but one that needs collaboration across industries. As we have built this global network, we have worked closely with the community, customer base, and collaboration partners that we have developed over the years, identifying other areas and segments of industry requiring solutions some of which are best solved through a broader spectrum of materials and products. As we explore the use of different materiality such as glass, polymers, and stainless steel amongst others, we have been developing a roadmap for new range of products (lifeware, homewares, drinkware, tableware) to solve these problems while staying true to our sustainability principles. The first of these is our HuskeeRenew range and soon-to-be stainless steel range.