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HuskeeCup is designed to solve your cafe’s problems. An award-winning reusable coffee cup wholesale solution.

We understand the demands of running a great café. From managing staff to delivering an incredible customer experience, every product and step in your workflow counts.

The HuskeeCup wholesale coffee cup solution helps you streamline your cafe, reduce your eco-footprint, and make your customers happy.

Reduce hassle & increase efficiency.

Reusable Coffee Cups by Huskee

How You Can Use HuskeeCup

There are three ways that you can implement HuskeeCup to streamline your café, reduce your eco footprint and make your customers happy:

01. Offer HuskeeCup as a Retail item

Stocking HuskeeCup as a retail product will emphasize your value for sustainability to your customers and maximise sales.

Our cups, lids and saucers come in two colours: natural husk and charcoal. They ship in packs of 4 which can be opened up and sold separately, or kept in their retail-ready box.

02. Make HuskeeCup your dine-in coffee cup wholesaler

Imagine a dine-in coffee cup that’s chip or crack resistant and keeps your customer’s coffee hotter for longer. HuskeeCup beats ceramics in thermal retention and is a great dine-in solution. It’s:

  • Durable and dishwasher friendly and designed to last years in even the most rigorous cafe environment.
  • Stackable with a universal saucer to increase storage and ordering efficiency. (No more mismatched cup and saucer quantities!)
Sustainable and Reusable Cup Wholesale
Huskee Coffee Cup Wholesale

03. Replace takeaway cups with HuskeeSwap.

Entire cities are working towards completely banning single-use cups.

HuskeeSwap is a world first takeaway cup replacement system that’s convenient and designed with your cafe in mind. 

Customers purchase a cup, and join as a Huskeeswap member. 

Register as a HuskeeSwap location today to use us as your coffee cup supplier, and for a limited time only, receive your first 12 months free!


Beat the ban & anticipate the coming industry shift.

Our system utilises products that your customers have already paid for and creates a pool of stock that you can reuse and recycle. You will however need to keep a ‘float’ of cups ready to exchange.

Begin the onboarding process today and join us in the development of the best takeaway cup replacement.

Need more reasons to upgrade to HuskeeCup & use Huskee as your coffee cup supplier?

Easy to clean

We’ve designed drainage vents on the bottom of every coffee cup to ensure water runs straight off the cup after cleaning. No more nasty liquid pools!

Stain resistant

We left coffee in the cup for a week, and HuskeeCup was quickly and easily cleaned. (Warning: don’t try that at home!)

Universal Saucer Edges

We’ve designed our saucer’s contours with the cafe environment (and wait staff) in mind. They have been engineered to make it easy to pick up, put down, and transport beverages!

Hill & Valley Locking System

HuskeeCup locks neatly and securely with our Universal Saucer.  We’ve designed a ‘valley’ in the base of each reusable coffee cup which nests into the ‘hill’ in the middle of the saucer. This makes it easy to serve coffee without serving coffee simple! This hill and valley system is also reminiscent of the cup’s origin in the mountains of Yunnan, China.

Re-purposes waste material (coffee husk)

HuskeeCup features coffee husk as a raw material. Coffee husk is an organic waste material that’s produced at the milling stage of coffee production. By purchasing HuskeeCup & using us as your coffee cup wholesaler, you are helping to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the production of coffee.