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HuskeeSwap Intro and Registration
Step 1 – Receiving a HuskeeSwap Order
Step 2 – Drink Preparation for HuskeeSwap Order
Step 3 – Drink Collection
HuskeeSwap FAQs

Set Up Overview

How many cups do I need?

To get started as a HuskeeSwap location, you will need to carry a float of HuskeeCups to swap with customer cups, as well as HuskeeCups available for your customers to buy. These are our recommendations;
Float Stock The exact float amount can be scaled to suit the needs of your cafe, however we recommend getting started with a 4 pack of each size plus lids, so 12 in total.

Retail Stock In addition to the float purchase, you'll need stock available for retail sale. For a coffee drinker to enter the system, they need to either bring their existing HuskeeCup or buy one from you. We want to make sure all our HuskeeSwap locations have stock ready for sale to ensure any interested coffee drinker can join the system straight away! 



Retail Display

We recommend ordering four packs as it’s less packaging and means we can fit more cups into shipping boxes - which in turn reduces transportation impacts on the environment.

Pull at least one out of the box and put a lid on, that way your customers can see what they look like and get a feel for them.

We also sell Single Unit Packaged (SUP) cups which are great for gifts and will increases the retail presence.



Once your cups arrive, separate out your float stock and retail stock.
Wash you float stock a couple of times in your dishwasher and stack them where you put your single use cups. It’s important they are in arm's reach of the barista so as not to interrupt workflow. Cups on top of the espresso machine works well.
Make sure to add “HuskeeSwap’ to your till so the barista knows to make the drink in a HuskeeCup from the float.


COVID -19 UPDATE Dedicate a drop off area or tub for returned cups and lids. This will reduce person-to-person contact and mean when it's time to wash them, it's a dedicated sanitation task.


Order Ahead

Order ahead apps have a large presence in some countries so they’re worth a mention and heads up. They allow you to order and pay ahead via an app, which saves you queuing to order and reduces person-to-person contact.

It had always been a bit counter intuitive with reusables cups, as the cafe has to wait until you hand it in before being able to make your drink. With HuskeeSwap however, the float cups are readily available meaning you just swap your cup and collect. 

Integration simply involves adding 'HuskeeSwap' to the modifiers.

Reach out to your provider for support.



Still have a question?
Send it straight through to, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!