Meet HuskeeCup

A reusable cup as sophisticated as it is sustainable.

A coffee cup made for cafes, home users & on-the-go coffee drinkers. HuskeeCup features coffee husk as a raw material.

The Benefits

  • Keeps your coffee hotter for longer
  • Non toxic (BPA free)
  • Repurposes waste (coffee husk)
  • Comfortable to hold & cool to touch
  • Durable & reusable
  • Dishwasher Safe
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Introducing HuskeeSwap

Enabling the coffee community to eliminate disposable coffee cups.

The statistics are shocking. Every year, over 50 billion takeaway cups pile up in landfill, forming the coffee industry’s ugliest footprint. Until now, the only attempt to solve this issue has been reusable cups designed for the end consumer. While this helps coffee drinkers ’do their bit’, individually owned cups are not the scalable solution needed to solve this global problem.
To get rid of takeaway cups completely, we need a better solution. We need a global community of cafes and coffee drinkers who swap and exchange a single cup.
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  • Join the solution to the global crisis of waste from disposable cups!

Let’s make a postive IMPACT together

HuskeeCup reduces the amount of waste produced by the coffee industry by applying the three foundational principles of sustainability.


the amount of takeaway cups that end up in landfill.


the coffee husk generated from coffee production.


HuskeeCups with HuskeeSwap’s closed-loop collection

The Stats

We want to reduce waste in the coffee industry. Here are some compelling statistics.

50 billion

disposable cups produced each year globally.

1 billion

takeaway cups in landfill each year in Australia alone.

1.7 million

tonnes of coffee husk waste each year globally.

By using HuskeeCup and joining HuskeeSwap, we can partner together to significantly lower these figures.

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