What is HuskeeSwap?

A Reuse System that is Beautifully Designed

A Reuse System that is Beautifully Designed

Huskee designs products and systems to help design out waste, sustainably. We refer to it as

'Waste made beautiful'.

First, we designed HuskeeCup

using coffee husk as the raw material.

In 2019, we launched our HuskeeSwap system

which enables businesses and individuals to easily participate in reuse, and eliminate single-use cups.

What is a Reuse System?

A reuse system is a cup-exchange program designed for businesses to make takeaway in reusables just as convenient as single-use cups, for both the cafe and its customers.
Single-use cups cost a business, and the planet, a lot. No matter the material, single-use is always single-use. We know that reuse always wins, and it's why we have designed a system to help make reuse the default in how coffee is served.

Here's How It Works

HuskeeSwap is a unique opt-in purchase-model, designed to be simple to use for both businesses and its customers.

All a customer needs to participate is a HuskeeCup.

The customer hands over their HuskeeCup while ordering their favourite drink.

The customer receives their drink order in a cleaned HuskeeCup from the cafe. With HuskeeCup, customers can swap for any size, and the universal lid fits all sizes for everyone's convenience.

In cases where a customer forgets their cup, or doesn't want to carry it around...that's where the BORROW, STORE, and LOYALTY features of the HuskeeSwap App come in!

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