Launching in Australia June 1st, 2018

Why HuskeeSwap

Every year, over 50 billion takeaway cups pile up in landfill, forming the coffee industry’s ugliest footprint.

Until now, the only attempt to solve this issue has been reusable cups designed for the end consumer. While this helps coffee drinkers ’do their bit’, individually owned cups are not the scalable solution needed to solve this global problem. To get rid of takeaway cups completely, we need a better solution. We need a global community of cafes and coffee drinkers who swap and exchange a single cup.

We need HuskeeSwap!

HuskeeSwap is a global community of cafes & coffee drinkers partnering in a system designed to rid the world of disposable cups.

Why You Should Get Swapping

Purchase a cup, become a HuskeeSwap member and invest in the planet.
A HuskeeSwap membership gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Close the loop on waste! Your annual contributions pays for the cost of recollecting and repurposing all HuskeeSwap cups at the end of their lifespan. Now that’s responsible!
  • Rid the world of takeaway cups, one swap at a time!
  • Enjoy access to one HuskeeCup and the infinite swapping of it! (Unless you lose it, goofey!)

Replace takeaway cups with HuskeeSwap.

Entire cities are working towards completely banning disposable cups. Even the queen wants them banned!

HuskeeSwap is a world first takeaway cup replacement system that’s convenient and designed with your cafe in mind.

Register your interest today, and we will contact you with more information about how you can participate.


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