Like every good coffee story, our story begins at origin.

Coffee Husk

Each year, during the harvest season, team members of Huskee Pty Ltd were faced with tonnes of raw waste in the form of coffee husk from the processing of coffee.

With experience in every part of the coffee industry, from farm to café, we began to brainstorm a solution to this issue of waste in July, 2016.

With mountains of beautiful organic material piling up around us & no sustainable way to deal with it, we asked ourselves the question,
What can we do with this?”.

Designing HuskeeCup

Whilst the problem of waste was the catalyst for HuskeeCup, the idea rapidly developed and grew in scope.

We wanted to solve more issues than just husk waste. We wanted to develop a product that could withstand the rigours and demands of any café, whilst remaining elegant and attractive.

The first critical design decision that we made was to get rid of the cup’s handle. Eliminating this ever present feature enabled features like stack-ability and less breakage (and the mass distribution efficiencies that come from this). We also discovered that by introducing fins to the cup we could mitigate heat transfer and provide a comfortable holding experience no matter how hot the drink inside was.

The design process continued throughout 2017 with the core drivers of:
1. improving the experience of both café’s and consumers, and
2. Creating an elegant and beautiful cup (Or perhaps we should say handsome, since HuskeeCup identifies as male on his twitter account!).

The Kickstarter Campaign

Whilst we would continue to fine tune the details of the entire HuskeeCup range, we launched our Kickstarter campaign in July, 2017 to gather pre-orders and gauge the market’s response.

The campaign was a success, more than doubling its initial target within the first 24 hours. We received orders from dozens of countries and from café’s and coffee drinkers alike. Backers were attracted to the product for a myriad of reasons, including its design, functionality and sustainable elements.

These early adopters helped us to rapidly increase awareness of our product and eco-ethos. By reaching our campaign’s ‘stretch goal’, they became part of the process of deciding HuskeeCup’s second colour… natural husk! Thanks, backers!

Further innovations

The later half of 2017 was spent in R&D, as we finalised the HuskeeCup range and engaged manufacturers.

Concurrently, we went into development of an app and ecosystem to replace takeaway cups: HuskeeSwap.

HuskeeSwap launches in 2018 (first in Australia and then globally) with the ultimate goal of eliminating disposable cups from the coffee industry. The closed-loop system works with HuskeeCup to improve customer’s take-away coffee experience and increase cafes workflow efficiencies.

HuskeeSwap’s launch will occur at the same time that we begin full production and distribution of HuskeeCup; first to pre-order backers, and then to cafes and retailers in Australia.

We are on track towards the global release of both our product and system by early 2019.

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