Beach Side Barista


Beachside Barista is a family-run coffee van in the beach community of Ocean Reef , Western Australia. Claire and Nick started in 2021 with a vision to make great coffee and run a small business to support their teenage son and lifestyle. They started offering reusables in early 2022 and have never looked back. 

We love their ‘Tread lightly Tuesday’ initiative to further educate their community.


As a coffee van service, Claire felt that they were responsible for the packaging that they provide to their customers for take-away, who carry around and consume them within the park they trade at. The visual reminder seen weekly of the cups piling up in the bins near their location was the motivator to make a change. 

Their coffee roastery was promoting HuskeeCups at the time, and when Claire saw them, she loved everything about them. It is important to their values that they try to reduce the footprint they have on the environment where they can.

Beachside Barista needed a reusable cup that met the following criteria:
check   Similar to a disposable cup
check   Easy to carry while walking their dogs (lids essential)
check   Standard sizes
check   A medium range, affordable price
check   Fits the look and feel of their van 'HIPPEE'


Beachside Barista retail the HuskeeCups as a revenue source to customers interested in reusable cups. In addition, over time they have started to use the HuskeeCups as a cup-library for their regular customers, for extra convenience and waste reduction. 

In addition to offering Huskee, they support their customers by supporting BYO and giving a $0.20 discount to customers using a reusable.

Eliminating single-use plastic isn’t only about cups either. Here are some other ways in which Beachside Barista are eliminating waste, educating, and diverting from landfill:
check   Coffee grounds are composted through Donut Waste
check   Source their coffee through B-Corp certified roastery Five Senses
check   Recycling all recyclables through their dairy provider or Council
check   A member of Responsible 

“Because we hate waste ... we make sure we eat or give away any food left over from a day's trade.”

Claire Wallis | Owner


Key Environmental Outcomes:
17% of customers are currently using reusable cups
12 kg of plastic wasn’t used
Saved 2 trees and 190 kg CO2 eq. emissions

Eliminated 7,300 single-use plastic items at the source

Eliminated 30 wheelie bins of waste (or 40 kg)

Key Economic Outcomes:
Added an additional $400 of revenue through Huskee sales in 2022
Saved over $1,160 in single-use packaging costs
Saved 2 trees and 190 kg CO2 eq. emissions


“So you provide the cups, give me a discount and wash it up for me?” “Yep.” “Awesome, I’m in." 

- Customer | Beachside Barista 

“I tried many other keep cups as options for our coffee van until I found HuskeeCups. They really are the closest thing possible to the perfect cup!” 

-Claire Wallis | Owner