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An elegant reuse system that is great for business

You are probably here because you realise that single-use isn't the best solution for the planet - or your business.

'Compostables' have their own environmental issues, are likely not composted, and probably don't meet your's or your customers' expectations.

Most importantly, they are still single-use and they are costing you more to operate.

HuskeeSwap is a deceptively simple reuse solution for cafes and venues to eliminate disposable cups. Here is why it is good for your business:

A self-managed purchase model system, with no ongoing costs.
Save thousands of dollars on disposable packaging costs with uptake.
Adds an additional revenue stream to your business.
An App-supported (but not required) low-tech solution (customers can Opt-in when they want, use how you want).
Designed with cafe operation in mind - universal lids, stacking, POS and pre-ordering guides, low-barriers for high-volume servce.
We replace damaged cups free, and give them an end-of-life through HuskeeLoop program

Why use a Swap System?

You could simply use or sell a HuskeeCup as the favourite BYO cup. Many do.

However, there are some compelling advantages to using the HuskeeSwap system (see below).

Implementing a Swap system shows an important commitment and helps your business integrate reuse behaviour into their service for their customers. This is more than just putting the onus on the customer to buy and remember to bring their reusable cup.

Business Benefits

Commercially washed and hygienic cups, ready to go
Can utilise pre-ordering systems with reusables
The cup sizes and system is designed for baristas
BYO doesn't scale great with busy/high volume service

Customer Benefits

No need to wash their cup on the go. Swap it
App-supported (deposits, credit cards & even app are not required to start). Opt-in to features they love
Swap for any size. Use design-winning cups for a great coffee experience
An experience almost as convenient as disposables, and way better for the planet

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It probably costs less than you think to get started. The best bit is that while there are small upfront costs - there are no ongoing costs to run (just profit).

Here are the simple steps to get started with HuskeeSwap:

Register for HuskeeSwap (Free).
Purchase HuskeeCups or a HuskeeSwap Starter Pack
Receive a free merchandise pack and let us know when you are set up & ready to go
A HuskeeSwap Account
A Huskee Wholesale Account (or keep ordering from your fave supplier & support them).
Cups & Communications
  • A set of Float Cups
  • A set of Retails Cups
  • A free Merchandise pack

Float Cups - cups pre-wasted and ready on your coffee machine to Swap

Retail Cups - cups available for retail sale on display. As a purchase model, customers buy their first cup from you to join the system

Merchandise Pack - a kit that contains all the in-store displays, signage and information you need to start HuskeeSwap

Choose a 24, 36, or 48 cup bundle to start (choice based on daily cafe trade volume)
Prices range from $200 - $500 depending on the quantity and configuration chosen. Each pach consists of both retail and bulk cup packaging.
Free merchandise pack with POS stand and dispaly cards included.
A HuskeeDog Bowl* (part of the HuskeeLoop system - we support our furry friends too)
Free digital marketing, guides and ongoing support.
Order more cups at any time through your supplier or wholesale account.
*Dog Bowls currently only available in packs for Australian cafes. Dog bows can be purchased separately in other regions.
The minimum recommended number of cups you will need to start is somewhat hard to determine but based on two factors:
What your daily volume of takeaway coffee trade is.
What your target customer reuse participation is.
To make getting started easy, we have created HuskeeSwap Starter Packs based on a simple volume consideration:
24 Cups Pack - Small volume Cafe (1-100 coffees/day)
36 Cup Pack - Medium volume Cafe (100-250 coffees/day)
48 Cup Pack - Highe volume Cafe (300+ coffees/day)
These are simply recommendations. There may be reasons why tou want to order more, or different, configurations other than bundles.
Simple order more cups as you need them, to top up your Retails float.
Also check out the Huskee Impact Calculator for more information

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