Cat and Cow


Cat and Cow Cafe is a zero-waste focused cafe located in Randwick, Sydney. They first started using HuskeeSwap in August 2019. The cafe was designed from the outset to be fully waste-free, and opened without single-use disposable cups! The impacts of COVID unfortunately saw them required to use single-use, but they are committed slowly returning to the previous waste-free status!

HuskeeSwap continues to help support their efforts to eliminate the need for single-use coffee cups. Cat and Cow Cafe also use HuskeeCups as their dine-in cups for hot drinks and recently added some Huskee Dog Bowls for their furry friends.


Owners Lenka and Jakub, joined HuskeeSwap as they had been on a personal journey of reducing waste, so it was a no-brainer once they set up their cafe that they continue this and inspire others to do the same. They were motivated by other cafes to use HuskeeSwap and love that they can use HuskeeCups to their maximum potential by returning damaged cups and packaging at end-of-life through the HuskeeLoop program, to be repurposed into HuskeeDog Bowls.


Cat and Cow had single-use targeted at the outset. As part of their business-plan setting up they implemented reuse. At one point they were also running a local free app-supported swap system but stopped due to a lack of uptake and a variety of barriers such as customers not wanting to download apps, credit card concerns, and not liking the design and user experience.

Feedback from their customers has been that HuskeeSwap is an easy option for takeaway that is simple to use and aesthetically pleasing. Along with HuskeeSwap, the cafe offers a mug library and accepts BYO cups to further support this service to their consumers. They encourage dine-in as opposed to takeaway as part of their culture. Cat and Cow Cafe also charge a $0.50 'disposables-tax' for single-use cups, which further incentivises reuse.

"We love Huskee for several reasons, it was very simple to introduce the swapping system to our community and the minimalist design matches our cafe vibe."

"How good it has been to see a stranger at the park, the beach, in public transport with a HuskeeCup. It makes you feel like you share something important with this person. Something that makes you both part of the positive change the Earth needs."

- Lenka and Jakub, owners of Cat and Cow Cafe.


Key Environmental Outcomes:
50% of takeaway coffees are served in reusable cups
6 kg of single-use plastic was eliminated at the source
1 tree saved & 95kg of CO2 emissions eq. reduced
4,009 gallons water were saved
1,825 HuskeeSwaps
Key Economic Outcomes:
An additional $3,400 in Huskee retail sales
Saved $584 in single-use packaging costs