Corporate Enquiries

"HuskeeCups are popular amongst Canvanauts who visit Canva Space Cafe. We have introduced them as the only takeaway coffee cup for Canvanauts and it has been successful as most of us are environmentally conscious."

Lou Hunt
Canva Space & Event Logistics Lead, Canva

Are you striving to meet carbon emissions targets and sustainability goals for your corporate organisation? Eliminate single-use cups and lids from your office to take visible action on a global issue (600 billion disposable cups per year) while saving costs.

Huskee can help you achieve and measure your progress. With extensive experience managing partnerships with large corporates, we can support you in reducing your impact and inspiring meaningful change among employees. Visit our Partnerships page for examples.

We'll work with your teams and existing supply chain to seamlessly implement a scalable and sustainable alternative. Join us in leading the way towards a circular economy.

Download the Corporate Partnership guide to learn more.