Council Enquiries

"Avoidance around single-use plastics is one of Council’s top waste reduction targets. By participating in HuskeeSwap, we are avoiding single-use, saving resources, and saving waste going into landfill."

Carla Dzendolet
Manager Sustainable Communities and Environment, Richmond Valley Council

Since 2017, Huskee has been forming partnerships with councils, schools, universities, and corporations to address the issue of single-use coffee cups and waste. We provide a comprehensive framework for promoting reuse, combatting this problem head-on.

With HuskeeSwap, we offer a scalable and sustainable solution that benefits both businesses and the environment. Rather than burdening your business with the challenges of single-use bans, you can join us in launching a highly visible and supported reuse strategy within your community.

Our Council Partnership programs are tailor-made for Waste Education, Sustainability, Economic Development, and Liveability teams. Through our partnership programs, we assist councils in achieving measurable outcomes and collecting data to demonstrate the impact on Sustainable Development Goals, waste diversion, Carbon Emissions equivalent offsets, and other targets.

We understand that behaviour change takes time, and Huskee will be by your side, driving positive change in your community for the betterment of the planet.

Download the Council Partnership guide to learn more.