From Intention to Action: Quantifying your Impact with Huskee's Impact Calculator

From Intention to Action: Quantifying your Impact with Huskee's Impact Calculator

Posted by Huskee on 22nd May 2024

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Our Impact Calculator is designed to help cafes, corporates and individuals understand the impact of their choices. With our Impact Calculator, you can see both the environmental benefits of using HuskeeCup through HuskeeSwap as well as calculate the cost savings and benefits. 

The HuskeeSwap system uniquely adds a revenue stream to cafes. Whether you're a coffee lover seeking to reduce waste or a cafe proprietor aiming to make a substantial environmental difference, you can use the Impact Calculator to calculate:

  • The cost and savings benefits of a Reuse System
  • The environmental impact savings on key metrics

Who can use our Impact Calculator?

The Huskee Impact Calculator is an invaluable resource for multiple user types:


Use our tool to gather basic information that will help you make initial decisions. Find out how much you are currently spending on single-use cups, the financial benefits of implementing our reuse system, the recommended number of cups to get started, and the benefits at different percentages of uptake. This information is valuable for obtaining principal approval, getting started with Huskee, and reporting on savings over time.
Cafe owners who are mindful of their environmental impact will find it beneficial to track the sustainability of their operations. This includes monitoring the amount of single-use plastic eliminated, trees saved, waste diverted (both in weight and volume), and energy saved. These figures help quantify the waste reduction achieved by implementing HuskeeSwap and switching to Reuse from single-use coffee cups. They also serve as communication tools to engage with customers, whether through social media or in-store signage, to showcase the positive environmental impact achieved together.


Leverage this tool to monitor your positive sustainable practices and foster a positive culture among employees. Corporates seeking to implement HuskeeCups and/or HuskeeSwap can use the calculator to calculate both projected and actual impact, aiding in policy-making and CSR initiatives. The calculator is also valuable for creating compelling proposals or reporting project outcomes that underscore the commitment to sustainability.


Those dedicated to sustainable living can use our impact calculator to assess the positive impact of their daily decisions

Costs and Environmental Savings

Using our Impact Calculator allows you to discover the real difference you make in reducing waste, minimising your carbon footprint, and saving money.

  • Additional Income: HuskeeSwap is a purchase model, that adds a revenue stream to your business.
  • Reduced Costs: Switching from single-use cups to HuskeeCups saves money on packaging costs (and may also reduce waste disposal costs).
  • Reduced plastic: Reuse allows you to eliminate the need for single-use plastic cups, at the source.
  • CO2 emissions (eq) saved: Reuse over time has a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Water and trees saved: Not producing single-use resources means trees and water saved.
  • Reduced Waste: Demonstrate how much waste does not end up in landfill.

Why we launched our Impact calculator

People and businesses love data, and numbers can often tell a powerful story. We developed our Impact Calculator for workplaces, cafes, and individuals to understand better the real impact of using HuskeeCups and HuskeeSwap and quantify outcomes. For those in the coffee industry and our customers who are passionate about sustainability, there was a demand for a resource that could not only project but also validate the impact of their sustainable coffee choices.

By using HuskeeCup, individuals and businesses alike can see the difference they make in reducing waste and minimising their carbon footprint. To see the impact of other businesses using HuskeeSwap, including Canva and Cat and Cow Cafe, visit our Customer Case Studies page.

How to use the Impact Calculator

To tap into the full potential of our Impact Calculator, simply adjust the relevant sliders for each calculator. Costs and environmental impacts will be calculated automatically based on your choices.


Adjust the common considerations like takeaways served daily, trading days, and duration of time. As savings are dependant on reuse uptake, and this increases over time, set your target percent to see how this changes your savings and impact. Cafes currently on average do 10-20% reuse - check out what 100% reuse can look like!


Make assumptions on number of employees, how often they come into the office, and how many times they use the cup in a day. This will give you a good estimate of what you can achieve and get that principal approval that you need.


Assess how awesome you and your friends can be by making this one simple change. A version of this calculator is also in the HuskeeSwap App.

Methodology: See the methodology and notes section at the bottom for further information. We will be adding info to key sustainability metrics and source reference links in the near future.

Utilising this data

Once you use our Impact Calculator, here are some suggested ways you can use the data:


  • Include these numbers in marketing material to emphasise your sustainability efforts and the cost savings from using HuskeeCup and HuskeeSwap to existing and potential customers.
  • Promote on social media captions or cafe posters.
  • Motivate your customers and show them what you all have collectively achieved together.


  • Present concrete data to stakeholders and customers to validate your internal or external practices and positive environmental impact.
  • This transparency builds trust and can influence consumer behaviour, as customers increasingly support businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.
  • You will be able to download the calculator results soon via the website to add to impact reports and easily share figures.


  • Share the statistics on social media to display the positive impact that you are making with friends.
  • Feel part of something bigger and a global movement by seeing the total network impact on the HuskeeSwap App.


Huskee's Impact Calculator is more than a tool; it's an exploration of what a sustainable future can achieve for coffee-indulging enthusiasts, conscious businesses, and planet-friendly individuals. It helps bridge the gap between intention and action, showing us that every little decision we make, like choosing HuskeeCup over disposable options, can collectively make a significant environmental difference.
Armed with data, individuals and corporations are more equipped to make informed decisions and take responsibility for their environmental footprints. Essentially, our Impact Calculator is not just about acknowledging the need for sustainable practices; it's about empowering users to become active and accountable participants in guiding our planet towards a healthier future.
View your impact via our Impact Calculator here.