Huskee Heroes Focused on Sustainability

Huskee Heroes Focused on Sustainability

Posted by Huskee on 17th Jul 2023

We have incredible global partnerships with several businesses within the coffee and sustainability industry. Here are some businesses that are taking small steps to make a big difference within our network this Plastic Free July. 

Beachside Barista, WA 

Beachside Barista, based in Western Australia, is a coffee van that encourages customers to use reusable cups, including HuskeeCups with a 20c discount. They are making small steps that are making a big difference in reducing plastic waste by composting coffee grounds and recycling coffee bags, cartons, cans and bottles. 

Bun Coffee Byron Bay, NSW 

Bun Coffee is located in Byron Bay and stocks HuskeeCups. They have a number of sustainability initiatives including the selection of their coffee and tea leaves, with all blends being certified Organic Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and Australian-grown beans. All of their packaging is also sustainable.

Cafe Fez, VIC 

Cafe Fez is located in picturesque North East Victoria and takes small steps which make a big difference in reducing plastic waste by:

  • Minimising kitchen waste by separating compost and food scraps
  • Offering coffee grounds to customers for gardening purposes
  • Charging an extra 30 cents for takeaway cups to encourage customer to bring their own reusable cups.

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters, Quebec 

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters is located in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada and offers HuskeeCups for all in-house beverages and encourage customers that have takeaway coffee through the HuskeeSwap by offering $0.25 discount. President Shann Bosnell says, "Everything we do, we do it with thoughts towards how we and our customers can help reduce our impact on the planet".

Think Coffee, New York 

Think Coffee is an independently-owned, mission-driven company born and raised in NYC. They directly source and import the finest specialty coffee before roasting it in small batches in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They take small steps to make big difference by partnering with farmer and producer and transparency in the supply chain.


Heylo is a sustainable coffee machine manufacturer and is a bit 'less guilty' in being more sustainable and mindful by generating less waste through energy-saving coffee machines. They use HuskeeCup in their office and for local coffee events.

Petit Stresors 

Petit Stresors is an online retailer and comes from an idea to divert products from landfill and support products from local businesses that can be reused, recycled, that are sustainable, locally sourced and treasures.