What is HuskeeRenew: Tritan Renew 50

What is HuskeeRenew: Tritan Renew 50

Posted by Huskee on 24th Aug 2023

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchases on the environment. With this in mind, materials manufacturers have been developing innovative solutions to cater to this demand. Tritan Renew 50 is one such product that we believe is of interest and suitable for the environmentally conscious consumer. Tritan Renew 50 is a plastic that is made from post-consumer recycled material, designed for our industry. We are excited about our HuskeeRenew range. We hope you are too. In this blog, we want to discuss what the HuskeeRenew range is made of and give you a small insight into some of the decision processes of how we consider materials and products. In the world of design theory, you have to weigh up the tradeoffs between product feasibility, product viability, and product desirability. Featured below, we will focus on some of the environmental considerations and material considerations of the HuskeeRenew range.


A key development principle of Huskee is minimising the embodied energy and environmental footprint of our products. Embodied energy refers to the total energy used to create a product during manufacture and transporting it to get to the consumer. As Tritan Renew 50 is derived from recycled plastics, this innovative material boasts a significantly lower embodied energy compared to virgin material. By choosing Tritan Renew 50 to create our HuskeeRenew range, Huskee is ensuring that our production process aligns with our mission of sustainability. As a B-Corp company, we are committed to finding and developing new and environmentally beneficial materials and solutions to create our products. Another core environmental principle of Huskee is to utilise waste products an recycled content in our material choices to support a circular economy. Waste diversion is an important benefit of Tritan Renew 50.This particular material helps us meet those goals, increasing the value of existing materials and keeping them from landfill. The ability to use post-consumer recycled plastic is key and means that less plastic ends up in our landfills and oceans, and less new plastic is used. Using innovative materials showcases the power of material science and selection.


With a product-oriented approach, we meticulously craft our reusable cups to meet industry standards while exuding elegance. Tritan Renew 50 is a durable and robust plastic that can withstand high temperatures and the demands of everyday use. Its benefits include being glass-like, extremely durable, with no odour or taste retention, and significantly reduced virgin material added. These performance benefits make it an ideal choice for both the coffee industry and for individual use at home. It offers valuable advantages to both professional establishments and coffee enthusiasts alike. Safety is a top priority when it comes to considering materials, and Tritan Renew 50 is no exception. It is free from BPS, and any other bisphenols, which has been a health concern for many consumers using plastic. These hazardous chemicals can be found in some plastics and have been linked to health problems, such as reproductive issues and certain cancers. By using Tritan Renew 50, consumers can rest easy knowing that HuskeeRenew is free from these contaminants and hazardous elements. Tritan Renew 50 is making a name for itself in the plastic market, thanks to its properties. Huskee believes the benefits of Tritan Renew 50 are enormous, and are a great fit for Huskee in both its sustainability and design goals that most know Huskee for. HuskeeRenew is a great example of how materiality ought to be included in decisions around products without having to compromise on style, functionality and reliability. HuskeeRenew is another way Huskee is helping to create a world in which we can enjoy high-quality products while also protecting the environment.